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Sponsor:American College of Forensic Examiners, International (ACFEI) [16]

Alert: Originally operated as a non-profit, operations seem to have transfered to a for-profit entity. All operations run by founder Robert L. O'Block. Diplomate status indicates training as a forensic consultant and expert witness, and does not indicate training in any specialty field. All Diplomates must take the same three classes. All continuing education requirements must be from ACFEI courses. The ACFEI website promotes Diplomate status: "Identifies professionals as having met the specific required standards, Establishes a way for consumers to recognize reliable, professional competence, and Recognizes forensic experts in numerous jurisdictions of their professions." However, on their membership agreement, AFCEI states "ACFEI does not endorse, guarantee or warrant the work or opinions of any individual members. Membership does not imply licensing by the organization of a member's qualifications, abilities or expertise." Associated with the American Psychotherapy Association, the American College of Wellness, and the American Association of Integrative Medicine. References: Missouri Secretary of State web site, 2-2000 issue American Bar Association Journal, "The Making of an Expert Witness: It's in the Credentials" Elizabeth MacDonald, 02/08/99 Wall Street Journal Page B1, "Credentialing" site "http://users.snip.net/~drsteve/Articles/Dr_Zoe.htm"

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